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The Christmas Spectacular! An Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best London Christmas Light Displays


London decks the halls like no other city. The air is crisp, mince pies are aplenty, and vibrant Christmas lights illuminate the streets.

It’s time to embark on an enchanting adventure as you discover the top 7 must-see Christmas light displays in London.

Prepare to be illuminated by dazzling sights, whiffs of mulled wine, and countless Instagram-worthy opportunities.

1. Oxford Street, Mayfair

Oxford Street, Mayfair: There’s no better way to begin your Christmas light tour than at Oxford Street, a renowned London shopping destination. Tens of thousands of twinkling lights create an enchanting starlit sky, while mouthwatering festive treats and phone box photo-booths keep you entertained from dusk till dawn.

LocationMayfair, Central London
Opening TimesMid-November onwards, viewable all day and night
ThemesTwinkling stars and festive treats
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

2. Covent Garden, West End

Covent Garden, West End: Covent Garden transforms into an exquisite winter wonderland, adorning its 19th-century market building in glamorous silver. Don’t forget to pucker up under the giant mistletoe chandeliers and snap a picture with the towering 60-foot Christmas tree that holds court in the piazza.

LocationWest End, Central London
Opening TimesFrom mid-November onwards, illuminated 24/7
ThemesElegant silver, giant mistletoe, and a 60-foot tree
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

3. Carnaby Street, Soho

Carnaby Street, Soho: Carnaby Street stands out with its electric light displays that burst with colour. Featuring eco-conscious lighting schemes, modern art installations, and tantalising street food, this display brings a different flavour to your Christmas lights tour.

LocationSoho, Central London
Opening TimesFrom early November to early January; best viewed after dark
ThemesBold colours, vibrant displays, and eco-conscious lights
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

4. Regent Street, West End

Regent Street, West End: Walk beneath the watchful gaze of Regent Street’s angelic spirits for a heavenly experience with a touch of Victorian elegance. These enormous illuminated angels stretch high above the street, creating an ethereal atmosphere for festive shoppers and light-seekers alike.

LocationWest End, Central London
Opening TimesEarly November through January, visible all day and night
ThemesClassic angels and Victorian elegance
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

5. Kew Gardens, Richmond

Kew Gardens, Richmond: Venture to Kew Gardens, where the flora comes to life with iridescent lights that create a truly magical landscape. Discover dazzling tunnels, walk under gigantic glowing trees, and visit the Palm House for an unforgettable light and sound display.

LocationRichmond, West London
Opening TimesLate November until early January, 4pm to 10pm
ThemesBotanical wonderland, light tunnels, and shimmering trees
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

6. Southbank Centre, South Bank

Southbank Centre, South Bank: Soak in the festive atmosphere along the South Bank, where sparkling garlands and twinkling trees frame a picturesque riverside view. Browse the German-style Christmas market to find unique gifts and sample heartwarming treats, or relax in a rooftop chalet with a cup of hot cider.

LocationSouth Bank, Central London
Opening TimesMid-November until late December, best viewed from dusk
ThemesSparkling garlands, Christmas markets, and rooftop chalets
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

7. Leicester Square, West End

Leicester Square, West End: Finish off your Christmas lights tour at Leicester Square, where the streets are transformed into a magical movie set. Watch iconic characters come to life in interactive displays and take a stroll through the festive market, filled with tasty goodies and handmade crafts.

LocationWest End, Central London
Opening TimesLate November to early January, viewable all day and night
ThemesFestive movie magic and interactive displays
BEST FORLondon Christmas Light Displays

Spread the Christmas Cheer

Christmas lights are more than just decorations; they create a sense of magic and warmth during this special time of year.

As you wander through London’s dazzling displays, take a moment to appreciate the festive spirit and share a smile with those around you. Let the enchanting lights guide your way as you unwrap the magic of London this holiday season.

Happy exploring!

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