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Key to Harmony: Discover The Best 7 Piano Shops in London


Are you a pianist searching for the perfect instrument to unlock your musical potential? Or perhaps you’re a music enthusiast looking to add a touch of elegance to your home with a beautiful piano?

Whatever your musical aspirations may be, London is home to a diverse array of piano shops offering a wide selection of pianos, from grand pianos to uprights, digital pianos, and more.

To help you find the ideal piano shop for your needs, we’ve curated a list of the top 7 piano shops in London, each renowned for its quality instruments, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional service.

1. Hanna Pianos

Hanna Pianos: Located in West London, Hanna Pianos is a leading destination for piano enthusiasts. They offer a wide selection of pianos, including grand pianos, uprights, and digital pianos, catering to musicians of all levels.

2. Markson Pianos

Markson Pianos: Markson Pianos has been a trusted name in the piano industry since 1910. With their extensive range of pianos, personalized service, and expert advice, they help musicians find the perfect instrument to suit their needs.

3. Jaques Samuel Pianos

Jaques Samuel Pianos:  Jaques Samuel Pianos is a renowned piano showroom located in Edgware Road. They offer a diverse selection of pianos, including concert grands, uprights, and digital pianos, as well as piano rental and restoration services.

4. Forsyth Music Shop

Forsyth Music Shop: Forsyth Music Shop, located in Manchester Square, is one of the largest independent music stores in the UK. Their piano department boasts an impressive selection of pianos, ranging from beginner instruments to concert grands.

5. Coach House Pianos

Coach House Pianos: Coach House Pianos, situated in Sunbury-on-Thames, offers a wide range of pianos, including new, pre-owned, and restored instruments. Their team of experienced technicians ensures that every piano meets the highest standards of quality.

6. Sheargold Pianos

Sheargold Pianos: Sheargold Pianos, based in Cobham, Surrey, is a family-run business with over four decades of experience in the piano industry. They offer a range of pianos, including new, reconditioned, and restored instruments, as well as piano rental and restoration services.

7. Chamberlain Music

Chamberlain Music: Chamberlain Music, located in Haslemere, Surrey, is one of the UK’s largest independent music retailers. Their piano department offers a diverse range of pianos, from leading brands, catering to musicians, schools, and institutions.

Embark on a musical journey and find your perfect piano at one of these top-notch piano shops in London. Whether you’re a professional musician, a student, or an enthusiast, you’ll find a wealth of options to explore and discover the instrument of your dreams.

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