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The Best 16 Indian Restaurants in London (2024)

London Indian restaurants are an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary culinary excellence, each offering unique flavors and experiences. Here is a comprehensive guide to the 16 best Indian restaurants in London for 2024, including detailed information about their history, highlights, notable patrons, signature dishes, and full addresses.

1. Dishoom

Dishoom: Dishoom, opened in 2012, recreates the charm of Bombay’s Irani cafés. The restaurant’s décor reflects the bustling streets and the rich history of Bombay, with vintage Bollywood posters and sepia-toned family photos.

Dishoom is celebrated for its inclusive atmosphere and vibrant flavors. Its King’s Cross branch is particularly famous, having hosted numerous celebrities and politicians. Signature dishes include the House Black Daal, a slow-cooked black lentil dish, and the Bacon Naan Roll, a breakfast favorite.

2. Gymkhana

Gymkhana: Inspired by the colonial Indian gymkhana clubs, Gymkhana opened in 2013 and quickly earned a Michelin star. The restaurant’s opulent interior, with dark wood paneling and antique ceiling fans, evokes the luxurious gymkhanas of India.

Gymkhana is known for its robust, boldly spiced dishes and high-profile patrons, including celebrities and sports stars. Signature dishes include the Wild Muntjac Biryani and Kid Goat Methi Keema, both showcasing the restaurant’s dedication to authentic Indian flavors with a modern twist.

3. Trishna

Trishna: Trishna brings the coastal cuisine of southwest India to London, earning a Michelin star for its exceptional seafood dishes. The contemporary décor, with exposed brick walls and a relaxed atmosphere, makes it a favorite among food critics and gourmets.

Trishna’s menu highlights the flavors of the Indian coastline, with signature dishes such as Koliwada Prawns and Dorset Brown Crab. The restaurant’s focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients ensures a memorable dining experience.

4. Tamarind

Tamarind: Tamarind was one of the first Indian restaurants in the world to receive a Michelin star, setting a high standard for Indian fine dining in London. Located in Mayfair, the restaurant offers a luxurious setting with elegant décor and a refined menu.

Tamarind is a favorite among royalty and celebrities, who come for the exceptional Tandoori Lamb Chops and Prawn Masala. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation continues to attract a discerning clientele.

5. Amaya

Amaya: Amaya stands out with its open grill kitchen, allowing diners to watch their food being prepared. This interactive dining experience is complemented by the restaurant’s chic, contemporary décor. Located in Knightsbridge, Amaya has become a popular spot for high-end clientele, including famous actors and musicians.

Signature dishes include Chicken Tikka and Grilled Sea Bass, both showcasing the restaurant’s skill in blending traditional flavors with modern techniques

6. Veeraswamy

Veeraswamy: Established in 1926, Veeraswamy is the oldest Indian restaurant in London and a historic landmark. Its prime location on Regent Street and rich heritage have made it a dining destination for politicians and Bollywood stars alike.

The interior reflects the grandeur of its past, with elegant décor and vintage photographs. Veeraswamy’s menu features classic Indian dishes such as Royal Rogan Josh and Duck Vindaloo, prepared with a focus on authenticity and quality.

7. Quilon

Quilon: Quilon, awarded a Michelin star, specializes in the coastal cuisine of southwest India, emphasizing fresh seafood and bold flavors. The chic, modern interior provides a sophisticated dining environment, attracting business moguls and A-list celebrities.

Signature dishes include Seafood Moilee, a coconut-based curry, and Black Cod, both highlighting the restaurant’s expertise in blending traditional recipes with contemporary presentations.

8. Benares

Benares: Benares, located in Mayfair, is renowned for its innovative approach to Indian cuisine, thanks to celebrity chef Atul Kochhar. The restaurant combines traditional Indian flavors with modern culinary techniques, creating a unique dining experience.

Benares is popular among food enthusiasts, celebrities, and royalty. Signature dishes include Chicken Tikka Pie and Lamb Rump, showcasing the chef’s creativity and skill.

9. Cinnamon Club

Cinnamon Club: Housed in the historic Old Westminster Library, Cinnamon Club offers a blend of heritage and modernity. Its proximity to the Houses of Parliament makes it a favorite among politicians and journalists. The restaurant’s interior retains the library’s original features, creating a grand and elegant setting.

Signature dishes include Venison Wellington and Tandoori Octopus, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to innovative Indian cuisine.

10. Chutney Mary

Chutney Mary: Chutney Mary, situated in St. James’s, offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on regional Indian cuisine. The stylish décor and high-quality dishes have made it a popular spot for both Londoners and tourists.

Chutney Mary’s menu features a diverse range of flavors, with signature dishes such as Dahi Puri and Lobster Malai Curry, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail.

11. Darjeeling Express

Darjeeling Express: Founded by self-taught chef Asma Khan, Darjeeling Express started as a supper club and has grown into a beloved restaurant. The all-female kitchen team and authentic home-style cooking have garnered praise from both locals and celebrities.

Located in the vibrant Kingly Court, the restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Signature dishes include Mutton Shami Kebabs and Puchkas, traditional street food items that reflect Asma’s heritage.

12. Brigadiers

Brigadiers: Brigadiers combines the spirit of a traditional Indian mess hall with the vibe of a modern London gastropub. The lively atmosphere and diverse menu have made it a hit among young professionals and celebrities.

The restaurant’s interior is inspired by army mess bars in India, featuring leather booths and vintage photos. Signature dishes include BBQ Butter Chicken Wings and Goat Shoulder Vindaloo, offering bold flavors and hearty portions.

13. Kricket

Kricket: Kricket blends British ingredients with Indian spices, carving out a niche for itself in the competitive London food scene. Its casual yet chic setting attracts a trendy crowd, including famous chefs and food bloggers.

The Soho location is particularly popular, offering a relaxed dining experience with an open kitchen. Signature dishes include Keralan Fried Chicken and Samphire Pakoras, each dish reflecting the restaurant’s innovative approach to Indian cuisine.

14. Kanishka

Kanishka: Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar, Kanishka focuses on the lesser-known cuisine of India’s northeast region.

The restaurant’s elegant setting in Mayfair attracts a sophisticated clientele. Kanishka’s menu features unique dishes such as Naga Pork and Khasi Lamb, highlighting the diverse flavors of northeastern India. The restaurant’s innovative approach has made it a standout in London’s dining scene.

15. Gunpowder

Gunpowder: Gunpowder offers a modern take on Indian street food, with bold flavors and inventive dishes. The intimate Spitalfields location is a favorite among food critics and local celebrities. The rustic, industrial décor adds to the restaurant’s charm, creating a cozy dining atmosphere.

Signature dishes include Maa’s Kashmiri Lamb Chops and Chettinad Pulled Duck, each dish packed with intense flavors and creative twists.

16. Madhu’s

Madhu’s: Madhu’s has been serving Punjabi cuisine with a Kenyan twist since 1980. Its rich history and family-run charm have made it a beloved institution, frequented by politicians, actors, and athletes.

Located in Southall, Madhu’s offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Signature dishes include Masala Mogo and Prawn Karahi, each reflecting the restaurant’s unique blend of Punjabi and Kenyan flavors.

Each restaurant on this list represents the pinnacle of Indian dining in the city, making them must-visit spots for any food enthusiast. Enjoy the best of what Indian cuisine has to offer in London in 2024.

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