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The Best 13 Thai Restaurants in London (2024)


London is home to a vibrant culinary scene, and its Thai restaurants are among the best in the world. From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, these restaurants offer a taste of Thailand that will satisfy any palate.

Here are the best 13 Thai restaurants in London for 2024, complete with links to their Google Business profiles to help you plan your next meal.

1. Kiln

Kiln: Kiln is renowned for its wood-burning oven and open kitchen, offering a menu inspired by the rural cooking of Thailand’s borderlands.

2. Som Saa

Som Saa: Som Saa brings authentic Thai flavors to London, with dishes that focus on traditional cooking techniques and regional specialties.

3. The Begging Bowl

The Begging Bowl: Located in Peckham, The Begging Bowl offers a modern twist on traditional Thai street food, with a vibrant atmosphere and delicious dishes.

4. Rosa’s Thai Café

Rosa’s Thai Café: Rosa’s Thai Café, with multiple locations across London, is known for its homely Thai dishes and casual dining experience.

5. Nipa Thai

 Nipa Thai: Located in the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Nipa Thai offers an elegant dining experience with a menu full of traditional Thai dishes made from authentic ingredients.

6. 101 Thai Kitchen

101 Thai Kitchen: A hidden gem in Hammersmith, 101 Thai Kitchen offers authentic and flavorful Thai dishes in a cozy setting.

7. Busaba Eathai

Busaba Eathai: Busaba Eathai provides a modern dining experience with a menu that blends traditional Thai flavors with contemporary twists.

8. Patara

Patara: Patara offers upscale Thai dining with a menu that features both traditional dishes and modern creations, served in an elegant setting.

9. Siam Central

Siam Central: Siam Central in Fitzrovia offers a cozy dining experience with a menu full of delicious Thai dishes, from classic curries to street food favorites.

10. Esarn Kheaw

Esarn Kheaw: Esarn Kheaw in Shepherd’s Bush is a beloved local spot known for its authentic Isaan cuisine from Northeastern Thailand.

11. Kinkao Thai

Kinkao Thai: Kinkao Thai offers a vibrant dining experience with a menu full of traditional Thai dishes, perfect for sharing.

12. Mango Tree

Mango Tree: Located in Belgravia, Mango Tree offers upscale Thai dining with a menu that features a variety of authentic and contemporary Thai dishes.

13. Thai Square

 Thai Square: With several locations in London, Thai Square is known for its elegant decor and a menu that combines traditional Thai flavors with modern flair.

These top-rated Thai restaurants in London offer a variety of dining experiences, from casual street food to upscale, elegant meals. Whether you’re craving a spicy curry, a fragrant soup, or a refreshing Thai salad, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your taste buds with their authentic and delicious Thai cuisine.

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