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The 9 Best Office Supply Stores in London (2024)


For businesses and individuals looking for high-quality office supplies, London offers a wealth of options.

From specialist stationery shops to comprehensive office supply retailers, these stores provide everything needed to keep your office running smoothly.

Here are the best 9 office supply stores in London for 2024.

1. Cornelissen & Son

Cornelissen & Son: Cornelissen & Son is a historic art and stationery store located in Bloomsbury.

Established in 1855, they provide a range of high-quality office supplies, from traditional pens and inks to modern stationery, catering to professionals and artists alike.

2. Green & Stone

Green & Stone: Green & Stone is a Chelsea-based store offering a variety of high-quality stationery and office supplies.

Known for its artistic bent, the store provides a wide range of products, including beautiful notebooks, writing instruments, and desk accessories.

3. London Graphic Centre

London Graphic Centre: The London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden is a haven for designers and office professionals alike.

They provide a vast selection of office supplies, graphic materials, and art supplies, catering to the creative community in London.

4. Muji

Muji: Muji offers minimalist and functional office supplies that blend style with utility.

Their Oxford Street store features a range of stationery, storage solutions, and office accessories, perfect for creating an organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

5. Present & Correct

Present & Correct: Present & Correct in Clerkenwell is a design-led stationery shop offering unique and stylish office supplies.

Their curated selection includes vintage-inspired items and contemporary designs, making it a favorite among design enthusiasts.

6. Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping: Choosing Keeping is a boutique stationery store in Covent Garden, known for its exquisite range of office supplies.

They offer high-quality pens, paper, and desk accessories, perfect for creating a refined and well-organized workspace.

7. Cass Art

Cass Art: Cass Art, primarily known for art supplies, also offers an excellent range of office stationery.

Located in Islington, this store is perfect for those looking for high-quality pens, notebooks, and other stationery items with a creative flair.

8. Ryman

Ryman: Ryman is a well-established office supply chain with multiple locations across London.

Known for its extensive range of stationery, office furniture, and technology products, Ryman offers quality products for both individuals and businesses. They also provide printing and binding services.

9. WHSmith

 WHSmith: WHSmith is a household name in the UK, providing a broad range of office supplies, books, and magazines.

Their stores offer everything from basic stationery to office equipment, with convenient locations throughout London.

These top office supply stores in London offer everything you need to equip your workspace, whether you’re setting up a home office or outfitting a large corporate environment.

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