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The 9 Best Charities in London That Deserve to Be Supported


London is home to a multitude of charities working tirelessly to create a better society for all. In this article, we dive into 9 exceptional organizations that stand out due to their unique approach, accomplishments, and impact. Learn about the important work they do and how you too can contribute to these noble causes.

1. The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust: The Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks across the UK, providing emergency food and support to individuals living in poverty. In London alone, the trust oversees 23 food banks. Their vision is to end hunger and poverty in the UK, and they’re making strides through policy research, campaigning for change, and partnering with local communities.

CONTACT DETAILS 01722 580 180
ADDRESSUnit 9 Ashfield Trading Estate, Ashfield Road
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7HL
SpecializationFood Banks and Poverty Alleviation
Unique AspectTheir broad network of food banks and innovative solutions to tackle structural causes of poverty.
SupportDonate, volunteer or campaign on their behalf. More info here.

2. Centrepoint

Centrepoint: Centrepoint works to provide homeless young people (16-25) with accommodation, support, and opportunities they need to transition into independence. They not only aim to find secure housing but also provide mental health support, education, and employment opportunities.

CONTACT DETAILS 0808 800 0661
ADDRESSUnit 9 Ashfield Trading Estate, Ashfield Road
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7HL
SpecializationHomelessness and Youth Development
Unique AspectTheir comprehensive approach to tackle youth homelessness by addressing underlying social issues.
SupportDonate, volunteer or support their campaigns. Find out more here.

3. Mind in the City

Mind in the City: Mind in the City works to provide mental health support, advice, and services to individuals living in the London boroughs of Hackney and Islington. They work closely with local communities and have a range of services like counseling, advocacy, and recovery support programs.

CONTACT DETAILS 0300 123 3393
ADDRESS2 Redman Place
E20 1JQ
SpecializationMental Health and Well-being
Unique AspectTheir local approach to tackling mental health needs in specific London boroughs.
SupportDonate or volunteer here.

4. St Mungo's

St Mungo’s: St Mungo’s focuses on outreach to those experiencing homelessness in London and provides support ranging from emergency intervention to long-term accommodation. They also work to prevent homelessness via skills training, education, and employment support.

CONTACT DETAILS 020 3856 6000
ADDRESS3 Thomas More Square, Tower Hill, London E1W 1YW
SpecializationHomelessness and Outreach
Unique AspectTheir personalized and tailored approach to each individual’s needs and goals.
SupportDonate, fundraise or volunteer here.

5. Evelina London Children's Hospital

Evelina London Children’s Hospital: Evelina London Children’s Hospital is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital treats children with a wide range of medical conditions and supports their families. They also invest in research to make advancements in children’s healthcare.

ADDRESS The Grain House, 46 Loman Street, SE1 0EH
SpecializationPediatric Healthcare
Unique AspectTheir family-centered approach to pediatric healthcare and research.
SupportDonate, fundraise, or volunteer here.

6. Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth: Friends of the Earth is an international organization focusing on environmental issues. They also have a strong presence in London, working to confront various environmental challenges the city faces, from air pollution to waste management.

CONTACT DETAILS 020 7490 1555
ADDRESSFriends of the Earth, The Printworks, 139 Clapham Rd, LONDON, SW9 0HP
SpecializationEnvironmental Conservation and Climate Change
Unique AspectTheir global approach to protecting the environment and empowering local communities to take action.
SupportDonate or volunteer here.

7. Crisis

Crisis: Crisis is a national charity working towards ending homelessness in the UK. They have a presence in London, where they offer education, employment, and housing services to support individuals experiencing homelessness.

CONTACT DETAILS 0300 636 1967
ADDRESS50 – 52 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT
SpecializationHomelessness and Education
Unique AspectTheir holistic approach to tackling root causes of homelessness and empowering individuals with long-term solutions.
SupportDonate, volunteer or fundraise here.

8. The Children's Society

The Children’s Society: The Children’s Society is a national charity working to improve the lives of children in the UK. They have a presence in London, where they offer support for vulnerable children and young people through advocacy, mental health services, and youth groups.

CONTACT DETAILS 0300 303 7000
ADDRESS50 Banner Street
London EC1Y 8ST
SpecializationChild Welfare and Advocacy
Unique AspectTheir focus on advocating for policy changes to create systemic improvements for children’s welfare.
SupportDonate, fundraise or volunteer here.

9. Refuge

Refuge: Refuge is a national charity providing support and shelter to women and children facing domestic abuse in the UK. They have a presence in London, where they offer a range of services from emergency accommodation to counseling and legal advice.

When it comes to making a positive impact in London, these organizations are just the tip of the iceberg.

CONTACT DETAILS 0808 2000 247
ADDRESSOne America Square
17 Crosswall London
SpecializationDomestic Abuse and Violence Against Women
Unique Aspect Their unwavering commitment to empowering women and children affected by domestic abuse.
SupportDonate, fundraise or volunteer here.

There are countless other charities and non-profit organizations addressing various social, environmental, and health issues in the city.

By supporting these organizations through donations, volunteering, or simply raising awareness about their causes, we can all contribute to a better London for everyone.

So next time you’re looking to make a difference, consider reaching out to one of these amazing organizations or finding another cause that resonates with you.

Together, we can build a stronger and more compassionate community in London.

So keep an eye out for these organizations and others doing important work in your local area, and remember to lend your support in any way you can.

Let’s make a positive impact together

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