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The 14 Best Chinese Restaurants in London (2024)


London Chinese restaurants offer a delightful journey through diverse culinary traditions, from traditional Cantonese to modern fusion.

Here’s an in-depth guide to the 14 best Chinese restaurants in London for 2024, with detailed information about their history, highlights, notable patrons, signature dishes, and full addresses.

1. Min Jiang

Min Jiang: Perched on the tenth floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, Min Jiang provides stunning views of Kensington Gardens. Opened in 2008, it specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine, particularly its renowned Beijing Duck.

The elegant setting and impeccable service attract a sophisticated clientele, including high-profile guests. Signature dishes include Beijing Duck, prepared in traditional wood-fired ovens, and Steamed Sea Bass.

2. Yauatcha

 Yauatcha: Yauatcha, a Michelin-starred dim sum teahouse, opened in 2004 and has been a staple of Soho’s dining scene ever since. Known for its vibrant aquariums and open kitchen, Yauatcha offers a chic yet relaxed atmosphere.

Frequented by A-listers such as Tom Cruise, it’s renowned for its innovative dim sum and exquisite pastries. Signature dishes include Venison Puffs and Scallop Shui Mai.

3. Hutong

Hutong: Hutong, located on the 33rd floor of The Shard, offers breathtaking views of London alongside Northern Chinese cuisine.

Opened in 2014, its interior is inspired by traditional Chinese design with dark woods and red lanterns. The panoramic vistas make it a hotspot for special occasions and romantic dinners. Signature dishes include the Red Lantern Soft Shell Crab and Crispy De-boned Lamb Ribs.

4. A. Wong

A. Wong: A. Wong, helmed by chef Andrew Wong, is a Michelin-starred restaurant that opened in 2012. It offers a modern twist on regional Chinese cuisine, with a focus on innovation and presentation.

The intimate setting and personalized service attract food critics and gourmet enthusiasts. Signature dishes include the “Taste of China” tasting menu and Dim Sum, showcasing flavors from various Chinese regions.

5. Royal China Club

Royal China Club: Royal China Club, part of the esteemed Royal China Group, offers a refined dining experience in Marylebone.

Known for its sophisticated interior and excellent service, it’s a favorite among celebrities and business moguls.

Established in 2005, the restaurant is celebrated for its dim sum and Cantonese cuisine. Signature dishes include the Dim Sum Platter and Lobster Noodles.

6. Barshu

Barshu: Barshu brings the fiery flavors of Sichuan province to Soho. Opened in 2006, it’s known for its bold and spicy dishes, traditional décor, and warm ambiance. The restaurant has attracted food enthusiasts and adventurous eaters, including notable chefs.

Signature dishes include Sichuan Hot Pot and Fish Fragrant Aubergine, both offering an authentic taste of Sichuan cuisine.

7. Shikumen

Shikumen: Located in the Dorsett Shepherds Bush Hotel, Shikumen offers a blend of traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine. Opened in 2014, the stylish interior and attentive service create a sophisticated dining environment.

Popular among hotel guests and locals, Shikumen is known for its high-quality ingredients and presentation. Signature dishes include Peking Duck and Crystal Prawn Dumplings.

8. The Duck and Rice

The Duck and Rice: The Duck and Rice, a unique gastropub in Soho, merges British pub culture with Chinese dining. Opened in 2015 by restaurateur Alan Yau, it features a lively atmosphere with a blend of traditional and modern decor.

The pub is popular among young professionals and food bloggers for its innovative concept. Signature dishes include Soy Roast Duck and Chilli Prawns, offering a fusion of flavors.

9. Kai Mayfair

Kai Mayfair:Kai Mayfair, a Michelin-starred restaurant, offers modern interpretations of traditional Chinese dishes. Established in 1993, the elegant and luxurious setting in Mayfair attracts a high-end clientele, including celebrities and dignitaries.

The restaurant is known for its exceptional service and creative menu. Signature dishes include Nanyang Chilli Lobster and Aromatic Crispy Duck, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail.

10. Imperial Treasure

Imperial Treasure:Imperial Treasure, part of the acclaimed Imperial Treasure group, offers high-end Chinese dining in St. James’s. Opened in 2018, the sophisticated interior and expertly crafted dishes have made it a favorite among discerning diners.

The restaurant is celebrated for its elegant presentations and top-quality ingredients. Signature dishes include Peking Duck and Iberico Pork Char Siu, highlighting the best of Chinese culinary traditions.

11. Hunan

Hunan:Hunan offers a unique dining experience with its no-menu concept, where dishes are tailored to each diner’s preferences. Established in 1982 by Chef Peng, this intimate Belgravia restaurant is a hidden gem known for its personalized service and flavorful dishes.

Regularly visited by food critics and loyal patrons, Hunan provides an ever-changing menu based on fresh ingredients. Signature dishes vary but often include Spicy Lamb and Shrimp Dumplings.

12. Phoenix Palace

Phoenix Palace:Located near Baker Street, offers a traditional Chinese dining experience with its opulent décor and extensive menu. Opened in 2001, the restaurant is popular for family gatherings and celebrations.

The lavish interior features red lanterns, golden accents, and intricate woodwork, creating a grand atmosphere. Signature dishes include Crispy Aromatic Duck and Dim Sum, catering to both locals and visitors seeking authentic Chinese cuisine.

13. China Tang at The Dorchester

China Tang at The Dorchester:China Tang at The Dorchester, established by Sir David Tang in 2005, is synonymous with luxury. Located in the prestigious Dorchester Hotel, it offers a sophisticated ambiance with Art Deco interiors.

The restaurant attracts a high-end clientele, including international celebrities and business elites. Signature dishes include Peking Duck and Crispy Pork Belly, prepared with traditional techniques and premium ingredients.

14. Plum Valley

Plum Valley:Plum Valley, situated in the heart of Chinatown, offers a modern take on Chinese cuisine with a focus on fresh ingredients and elegant presentations. Opened in 2009, the restaurant features a sleek, contemporary design with a tranquil atmosphere. Popular among both locals and tourists, Plum Valley is known for its innovative dishes. Signature items include Soft Shell Crab and Sichuan Beef, blending traditional flavors with contemporary flair.

Exploring these top Chinese restaurants in London offers a culinary journey through diverse flavors and traditions.

Each restaurant on this list represents the pinnacle of Chinese dining in the city, making them must-visit spots for any food enthusiast.

Enjoy the best of what Chinese cuisine has to offer in London in 2024.

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