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Collaborative Creativity: The 7 Best Coworking Spaces in London


A smashed phone screen can bring your world to a screeching halt. Don’t fret, Londoners! Best in London is here to guide you through the jungle of mobile repair shops and help you find the perfect spot to get your phone back in tip-top shape.

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1. The Office Group – Shoreditch (East London)

The Office Group – Shoreditch (East London): A prime choice for design-conscious companies seeking an inspiring workspace. They offer stylish co-working areas, private offices, and a buzzing community with regular networking events. Known for its design aesthetic and fostering a collaborative spirit.

2. WeWork – King's Cross (Central London)

WeWork – King’s Cross (Central London): Ideal for companies seeking flexibility and scalability. WeWork offers a variety of private office sizes, short-term leases, and access to their global network of co-working spaces. Perfect for businesses that need to adapt and grow quickly.

3. White Collar Factory – Old Street (East London)

White Collar Factory – Old Street (East London): Nestled in the heart of London’s tech hub, White Collar Factory offers a vibrant environment for tech startups and innovative companies. They boast modern, open-plan layouts, high-speed Wi-Fi, and on-site meeting rooms. A great fit for those looking to be surrounded by other tech minds.

4. Second Home – London Fields (Hackney):

Second Home – London Fields (Hackney): More than just a coworking space, Second Home fosters a creative community with a focus on art, technology, and social impact. They offer beautifully designed workspaces, event halls, and a vibrant social scene. Ideal for those seeking a creative and inspiring workspace with a focus on community.

5. Mindspace

Mindspace: Mindspace’s chic and contemporary spaces foster connections and creativity. With its focus on hospitality and community-building, Mindspace provides a supportive ecosystem for startups, freelancers, and corporate teams alike.

6. Huckletree D2

Huckletree D2: Situated in Dublin’s Silicon Docks, Huckletree D2 caters to tech innovators and creative minds. With its panoramic views and vibrant community, Huckletree D2 fosters collaboration and growth in an inspiring setting.

7. Uncommon

Uncommon: Uncommon’s design-led spaces inspire creativity and productivity. With a focus on wellness and sustainability, Uncommon creates environments that promote balance and innovation for professionals across industries.

Finding Your Coworking Sanctuary:

This list offers a starting point for your coworking space exploration. Consider your needs (budget, location, desired work environment) when making your decision.

Many spaces offer day passes or tours, allowing you to experience the atmosphere firsthand.

Embrace the Collaborative Spirit:

Coworking spaces offer more than just a desk. They provide a dynamic environment to connect with like-minded individuals, spark creativity, and propel your business forward.

So unleash your inner collaborator and find your perfect coworking space in London!

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