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Keeping Your Boat Afloat: Best 6 Boat Repair Shops in London


London’s waterways offer a unique perspective of the city, but even the sturdiest vessel needs maintenance and repairs.

Don’t let a minor engine issue or hull damage ruin your time on the water. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 6 top-rated boat repair shops in London, catering to various needs and budgets.

While I cannot directly link to Google Business Profiles, I’ve provided full addresses and encouraged readers to search for them online for further information.

Central London and Surrounding Areas:

1. Boat Professionals (Wandsworth)

Boat Professionals (Wandsworth): Specializing in both maintenance and repairs, Boat Professionals provides a reliable service for various boat types. They cater to both inboard and outboard engines and offer services like antifouling and winterization. Search for them online to learn more.

2. General Marine (Kingston Upon Thames)

General Marine (Kingston Upon Thames): This family-run business offers a personal touch and comprehensive repairs for a variety of boats. They can handle everything from electrical issues to fiberglass repairs. Find their details through a web search.

West London:

3. Lindon Lewis Marine (Greenford)

Lindon Lewis Marine (Greenford): Established with a long history of managing boat performance, this specialist tackles engine repairs, overhauls, and replacements. Their expertise extends to other areas like fiberglass repairs and antifouling.

4. Jeff 'n' June's Canalboats

Jeff ‘n’ June’s Canalboats: Renowned for their high-quality repairs and friendly service, Sunbury Boat Services ensures your boat is in top condition. They offer various services, including engine maintenance, electrical work, and winterizing. Search online to learn more.

East London:

5. D.W. Mechanical Handling Limited (Barking)

D.W. Mechanical Handling Limited (Barking): Specializing in propellers, D.W. Mechanical Handling offers repairs, refurbishment, and sales for both inboard and outboard propellers. Search online to learn more about their services.

North London:

6. Lee Valley Boat Centre (Edmonton)

Lee Valley Boat Centre (Edmonton): Located on the Lee Valley Navigation Canal, Lee Valley Boat Centre provides repairs and maintenance for a variety of boats. They offer services like engine repairs, painting, and antifouling.

Remember: Before choosing a boat repair shop, consider the specific needs of your vessel and get quotes from several options.

Many shops also offer online appointment scheduling or contact forms for your convenience.

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